About Health Literacy UK

Health Literacy UK is a special interest group of the Society for Academic Primary Care. We’re primarily dedicated to building the evidence base for health literacy. 

We explore the impact of health literacy on people and their lives in order to support national policy and reduce inequalities. 

By working together, we are able to discuss and develop new research ideas, run new research projects, write reports and research papers, and support the implementation of research findings into practice. 

There are also regular face-to-face meetings, discussions of ideas and collaborative work through our website. 

We invite patients, patient groups, health care practitioners and providers, teachers, policymakers, non-government organisations and academics to become members (free of charge!). 

Our current stakeholders are Primary and Community Health Trusts, Hospital Trusts, Governmental Departments (Health and Education), The National Insitute of Adult and Continuing Education, Health Academics, Educational Academics, Non-Governmental Organisations, Citizens Advice Bureau, Health Care Practitioners, Service Users, Local Authorities.

Our Team

Below is our steering group – the brains of Health Literacy UK. If you’re interested to find out more about how we work, please read our Terms of Reference.