Terms of Reference

High quality services are dependent on high quality research, which can inform the future development of evidence based practice. With this in mind, the terms of reference for the Health Literacy Group are:

  • To promote and develop research activities and innovative practice in relation to health literacy in the UK
  • To be proactive in generating new and relevant research initiatives and innovative practice which are in response to national priorities and the needs of the local population
  • To raise the profile of health literacy across the UK
  • To explore the relevance of health literacy to a wide range of conditions, contexts and roles

​The wider Health Literacy Group aims to achieve this through:

  1. Developing a community of research practice.
  2. Nurturing and enabling a supportive research environment.
  3. Encompassing a multi-disciplinary approach.
  4. Acting as a mechanism for international collaboration.
  5. Promoting the inclusion of a health literacy component in other research disciplines.
  6. Supporting the development of collaborative projects which impact on the wider research community and practice.
  7. Liaising with other relevant organisations.
  8. Respond to health literacy education and training needs of the wider community.
  9. Developing a community of current good health literacy practice and promoting and enabling innovation.
  10. Promoting and influencing the development of health literacy policy.

The key objectives of the Steering Group:

  1. The Steering Group will act as a mechanism for developing a coherent focus and strategy for the Health Literacy group
  2. The Steering Group will provide and develop strong methods for communication – both within the Health Literacy Group and with key stakeholders
  3. Ensure financial viability of the group
  4. The Health Literacy Steering Group will be answerable to the whole membership of the group; annual reports will be available on website

The Steering Group aims to achieve these objectives through:

Defining roles within the Steering Group.

  • Chair/leadership role
  • Communication/Liaison role – including website development
  • Workshop planning and meeting role
  • Sponsorship and funding opportunities
  • Policy lead

The Steering Group will meet annually for an Away Day, supplemented as necessary by telephone and email communications.

Membership of the Steering Group will be reviewed annually. We would welcome expressions of interest to join, members are invited to contact the Chair in the first instance.


  1. These terms of reference will be reviewed annually.
  2. These terms of reference reflect the mission statement of the Group.