Mission Statement

As a multi-disciplinary group, our aim is to advance research, theory, education and practice on health literacy, drawing attention to its personal, social and economic and policy implications.


  1. Develop a membership mix, including, but not limited to, researchers, practitioners, educators, students and service users from a wide variety ofbackgrounds including medicine, emergency services, health and social care services, local authorities, the voluntary sector, policy arenas, the social and behavioural sciences and education.
  2. Share current health literacy research, theory, education and practice via:
    • A regular seminar programme and biennial UK conference.
    • Digital media e.g. Twitter, website etc.
  3. Influence health literacy policy by gaining membership on key local, national and international committees.
  4. “Future proof” the Health Literacy Group UK by continuing to explore options around how we are structured and how we are funded.


  1. This mission statement will be reviewed annually.
  2. This mission statement is reflected in the Terms of Reference (Steering Group) document.