International Association for Communication in Healthcare

4th-6th September 2017, Regent's University London, Regent's Park, London

EACH’s ( overall aim is to promote effective evidence-based patient-centred healthcare communication between patients, relatives and healthcare practitioners worldwide.  One of the ways we hope to achieve this is through various interactive events, such as our upcoming Summer Event.  This unique event will feature high quality, half-day workshops on important and exciting topics in the field of research, teaching and policy and practice of healthcare communication.  Delegates can create their own stimulating programme of four half-day workshops spread over the two days.  It is aimed at new and experienced teachers, researchers and practitioners and the focus is on experiential learning.

A full list of workshops and further information about the event, including how to book can be found here.

NHS England consider how improving health literacy can enable people to make informed health decisions and examine outcomes from the Skilled for Health project in Leicester. 

New Health Literacy Journal

HLRP: Health Literacy Research and Practice is an interdisciplinary and international open-access publication dedicated to promoting excellence in research and practice. The aim is to advance the field of health literacy, promote health equity, and reduce health disparities. If you are interested in submitting an article, you encouraged to read the author guidelines and send your manuscripts!



How health literate is the NHS? Sound like a strange question? Just as health literacy implies the social resources needed to access, understand and use health information, the phrase also encompasses the ability to communicate information clearly and effectively. This light-hearted BBC story makes some crucial points about the contemporary use of language in healthcare. Well worth a read!!

Dr Jo Protheroe, GP and Senior Lecturer at the Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, Keele University, and Prof Gill Rowlands, GP and Professor of General Practice, Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University have been appointed as advocates for Health Literacy for NHS England, a role which aims to help raise the awareness and importance of Health Literacy in England.

NHS England recognises the urgency of improving health literacy and have taken a number of short-term actions. This included the appointment of General Practitioners (GPs) to act as Honorary Health Literacy Clinical Advisors, providing clinical insight for policy makers in the Person Centred Care Team and Self-Care Support Programme. As advisors, Jo and Gill will work alongside Clinicians and Clinical Commissioning Groups sharing their clinical expertise and experience to the Health Literacy programmes in NHS England as well as collaborative groups, such as the Health Literacy Collaborative Group (HLCG). They will also make use of their professional connections, such as the Royal Colleges, especially the Royal College of GPs, to highlight NHS England initiatives and the importance of Health Literacy practice. They will liaise with the HLCG to identify research priorities to submit to the National Institute of Health Research, in partnership with the RCGP and support the clinical aspects of the Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs).

[1]          G. Rowlands, J. Protheroe, J. Winkley, M. Richardson, P. T. Seed, and R. Rudd, "A mismatch between population health literacy and the complexity of health information: an observational study," Br. J. Gen. Pract, vol. 65, pp. e379-e386, 6/2015 2015.