Friday 18th March 2016

Health Literacy at the Deep End: Addressing Health Inequalities

Thank you to all the presenters and participants who attended our hugely successful 4th UK conference. High profile speakers from across the UK shared current thinking, research and practice in a series of informative and fascinating parallel sessions and workshops. If you were unable to attend, details can be found in our conference brochure: posters and presentations are available via our website. 





The posters listed are from the Health Literacy Conference 2016 held in Glasgow in March.

GP Websites - are they readable? Daron Aslanyan, Paula McDonald  
How can we communicate risk clearly in health information? Claire Murray and Nicole Naylor  
Community Development to Build Critical Health Literacy Dr. Susie Sykes, Prof Jane Willis, Prof Nicola Crichton  
Is there a case for medical journals to set readability targets for contributors? Paula McDonald, Daron Aslanyan, Kellie Smith  
The Dementia Literacy and Support Expectations of Older People Carol Maddock, Dr. Michelle Edwards, Professor Vanessa Burholt  
How readable is the BMJ? Kellie Smith, Dr. Paula McDonald  
Developing an online health literacy resource to support health and social care staff Lindsey Murphy  
Health Literacy in NHS GGC    
An exploration of healthcare professionals' attitudes towards health literacy, and the clinical encounter with chronic pain patients Laura M Mackey, Dr. Camillus Power, Dr. Brona Fullen  
Putting research into action Julia Bell, Jonathan Berry, Ali Raven  
texthelp - digital divide - accessible technology is the bridge    
Workload Involved in the Outcome Evaluation of the Glasgow Deep End Links Worker Programme  Lesley Grant, Bridie Fitzpatrick, Stewart Mercer  

Winner of our Poster Competition

Towards Critical Health Literate Communities: A Qualitative Systematic Review and data synthesis of Community-Based Participatory Action Initiatives

L de Wit (1), C Fenenga (2), C Giammarchi (3), L di Furia (3), I Hutter (4), E Vittori (3), A de Winter (5), L Meijering (1)

(1)Population Research Centre, Faculty of Spacial Sciences, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

(2) Institute for Global Health and Development, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

(3)The Regional Agency for Health (Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria), March Region, Italy

(4) International Institute of Social Studies, the Netherlands,

(5) University Medical Centre, Groningen, Department of Health Sciences, the Netherlands