Health Literacy Europe is a network for researchers and professionals involved in improving the field of European Health Literacy. The network provides a platform for interaction with colleagues from different parts of Europe and abroad.

This is a short film, made by Stoke on Trent City Council, explaining what Health Literacy is all about. It comes in three versions:

  1. Full film
  2. For patients, clients and customers
  3. For health professionals

This is a special interest group of the Society for Academic Primary Care who are interested in building the evidence base for Health Literacy. Their approach explores the impact of Health Literacy on people and their lives, and supports national policy to reduce inequalities.


Website with a range of articles and resources about health literacy


This document discussed research that was carried out in Tower Hamlets, looking at how different people preferred to receive information about health. It acts as a guide to help practitioners run health literate sessions and give guidance on producing patient friendly information.

This site provides information and tools to improve health literacy and public health. These resources are for all organizations that interact and communicate with people about health.

This briefing aims to provide information producers with an overview of what Health Literacy is, along with some brief background data about the extent of the level of need and its impact.

This guide covers the basics of how to write more clearly with examples and a glossary of words to avoid.

This guide gives applies the plain English approach to medical information. It includes examples and a glossary. It also covers design and layout.

This paper aims to determine whether literacy education, provided along with standard depression treatment to adults with depression and limited literacy, would result in greater improvement in depression than would standard depression treatment alone.

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