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This is the Regional Health Literacy Coalition’s website, which has information and news about health literacy for healthcare providers and consumers.

This study proposes a model development process for patient decision aids that could be applied to planning wider information resources. Key stages are scoping (including objective setting), steering, designing, testing and evaluating.

Presentation outlining addressing low health literacy in North Carolina.

This paper examines the association between health literacy and diabetes outcomes among patients with type 2 diabetes.

This webpage looks at ideas from studies about how to communicate health information clearly, use plain language and visual communication as effectively as possible.

Health Literacy Europe is a network for researchers and professionals involved in improving the field of European Health Literacy. The network provides a platform for interaction with colleagues from different parts of Europe and abroad.

This site provides information and tools to improve health literacy and public health. These resources are for all organizations that interact and communicate with people about health.

This paper aims to determine whether literacy education, provided along with standard depression treatment to adults with depression and limited literacy, would result in greater improvement in depression than would standard depression treatment alone.

This guide and the review tools found within it offer an approach for analysing literacy?related barriers to healthcare access and navigation. It was designed to assist chief executive officers, presidents, program directors, administrators, and healthcare workers at hospitals or health centers to consider the health literacy environment of their healthcare facilities and to analyse ways toreduce demands, to better serve their patients and staff