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This is a short overview paper on health literacy written by Don Nutbeam for WHO in early 2016. This forms part of the preparatory work for the up-coming WHO Global Conference on Health Promotion in Shanghai in November 2016. This shows that health literacy now sits at the heart of the strategy proposed by WHO for global health.

This report is in Polish and when the translation is completed it will be added.

This article gives an overview of health literacy.

This paper identifies the failings of past educational programs to address social and economic determinants of health, and traces the subsequent reduction in the role of health education in contemporary health promotion.

This paper updates a 2004 systematic review of health care service use and health outcomes related to differences in health literacy level and interventions designed to improve these outcomes for individuals with low health literacy.

This report documents the size of the Health Literacy problem in the US and describes its origins, consequences, and solutions.

This paper outlines the importance of health literacy and strategies to improve health literacy across Australia.

A review of the relationship between literacy and health outcomes.

This statement:

  • highlights the importance of health literacy in ensuring safe and high-quality care
  • supports the need for a coordinated and collaborative approach within the health sector and across sectors to systematically address health literacy
  • describes possible actions that can be taken by organisations and individuals working in the health sector to address health literacy.

This paper summarises evidence about (1) the costs of limited health literacy (HL) and (2) the cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve limited HL.

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