Raising the standard of consumer health informaiton


Item 1: 8th Annual Patient Information Conference

Run by the Patient Information Forum (PiF)


Information and support – a service in its own right

2nd May 2013, The St. Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, Birmingham B91 1AT


For anyone involved in providing health information to the public, 2012 has been a year where information has come of age. Within the Department of Health Information Strategy – The Power of Information - published in May is an assertion that ‘Access to good quality information, and being supported to use it effectively, is an important health and care service in its own right.’ It is a powerful statement, but what does it mean and how do we deliver the vision? This 8th Annual Patient Information Conference explores how that service might look and showcases some of the work that is beginning to make the vision a reality.


Bringing together experts from across voluntary, NHS, and commercial sectors, you will hear about important projects such as the new information on cancer screening, the lessons learned from Information Prescriptions and ‘the case for information’ - bringing together the health, economic and patient benefits of providing information. Breakout sessions focus on questioning and discussion this year; exploring the core topics of evaluation, cost effectiveness, dissemination and reaching your audience.


If you communicate with patients and the public about their health, this is your conference. Open to members and non-members. Book and pay for your place on the PiF website: www.pifonline.org.uk. Early bird discounts apply.




Item 2: Brand new look for the Patient Information Forum’s website

The Patient Information Forum (PiF) - the UK association for professionals that work in the field of consumer health information - is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website, following a successful application for funding from the Department for Health.


The new website has a fresher and more modern appearance, with improved navigational structures that make it easy for members and non-members to find guidance, top tips, key resources and all the latest news on anything from funding patient information, to using social media, to user-testing and quality assurance. Members can connect to one another easily and securely, and the new ‘Groups’ area allows PiF members to seek support and advice from fellow members, to ask questions and find answers from their peers. Membership can be paid for and renewed online via a range of payment options.  There is an online event booking facility and a new ‘PiF Shop’ for purchasing PiF guides and publications.


For these benefits and more, please take a look at www.pifonline.org.uk.



Item 3: Take part in the first UK survey exploring health literacy and health information providers

The Patient Information Forum (PiF) is the UK organisation for consumer health information professionals. We are undertaking research on health literacy; developing an insight into how information producers and providers view it, what they understand about it and what strategies are in place to meet health literacy needs.

If you communicate with patients or the public about their health, please take part. It takes just a few minutes to complete the survey and by doing so you can help to provide the first real insight into this important issue.

The survey is available until 1 March 2013 and you can find it at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PiF-HealthInformationProviderSurvey


This project has been supported by an educational grant from MSD and the secondment of A K Gilbert, researcher, and employee of MSD