September 17th-21st 2018, Bielefeld University's Centre for Prevention and Intervention in Childhood-Adolescence (CPI). 


This summer school is free and invites students and researchers from e.g. public health, health communication, education, sociology, psychology, etc., as well as PhD candidates working on related research questions. 

Participants will be awarded with 3-6 ECTS points. 

The summer school addresses various topics around health literacy research and practice, including unique perspectives from childhood studies. For details information, please see the flyer and visit our homepage. 

Summer School facilitators and teachers 

  • Kristine Sørensen, Global Health Literacy Academy, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Vanessa Rawlings, University of Suffolk, Suffolk, UK
  • Emma Bond, University of Suffolk, Suffolk, UK
  • Katie Tyrell, University of Suffolk, Suffolk, UK
  • Luis Saboga-Nunes, National School of Public Health, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
  • HLCA researchers

Vist the website for more information.